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Narrow panel for MNEDC 175 breaker
« on: January 27, 2017, 02:19:05 PM »
Hi, quick system summary:
- LiFe battery pack, 48 volts x 130 a-hr (so if wired 12 volts would be 4 x 130 a-hr)
- Might double this bank size in the future
- Mobile installation, so all wiring is via lug terminations
- Connecting to Victron 5000 / 48, so it could use 100 amps routinely, surge to 130+ range
- Actual power use is likely to be lower, but I am sizing for the inverter's capability
- There are a few applications as well for smaller inverters (2 KW) and for those I purchased the MNEDC100 breakers
- Breaker will be the primary disconnect between the 48 volt (4 batteries) and inverter / charger on the positive side
- The batteries and breaker (or fuse) will be inside of an heavy duty, lockable box for weather / abuse / access protection
- Just an FYI, I am using some of the smaller amp rated MDEDC versions but in another location with more space, so I put those in a breaker box, even though they are inside of a similar protection box.

- I would like to use these breakers in a space where there is only 2 inches wide space for the breaker and breaker box
- I only need just one breaker in the location and a baby box is 3 inches wide, so it will not fit
- The alternative (not really desired) is to use a class T fuse, as those holders are available 2 inches wide.
- For customer convenience, I really would like to use a breaker

- Are there any breaker boxes that for a single unit, either the MNEDC 100 or 175 that are only 2 inches wide?
- For a 48 volt application (which is really closer to 58 volts when fully charged), is it a requirement to install the breaker in a breaker box, or is that really for 60 volts and above?
- It is less desired, but if a horizontal mounting method could be found, is that acceptable for the 175 amp version?  BTW- this is not a good solution, just a maybe potential. 
- On the MNEDC100 breaker, there is an opening at the "top" (when viewed from the front with the on position up).  Is this where sparks would vent in an "event", or just a way for heat to escape?

Thanks, sorry for so much question concentration.

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Re: Narrow panel for MNEDC 175 breaker
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2017, 05:30:32 PM »
Hi Harry,

Not much time,  just now ...

But,  The MNEDC 175 breaker is very large,   think that is an F-Frame size.  Many/most of these breakers have a fine mesh screen on top,  near the upper terminal.   Believe that the MNEDC 100,   and smaller breakers have no real vents.

Have seen NO single position boxes for either of these breakers.  As you probably know,  there is a minimum space requirement for almost all boxes,  depending upon the number of cables,  and their sizes,  contained inside of the box.   Even if this will not be inspected,   there are good reasons for these space requirements.

In general,  many breakers have a mandatory mounting position.   Most of the DC rated breakers need to have the long dimension vertical,  with the ON position UP.   This is often due to the design of the Arc Chutes,   that quench the arc on interruption of a DC current.

EDIT:  The MN Solar site no longer has dimensions of the MNEDC175,   but,  assuming that these are Carling breakers,  here is a general Data Sheet for that product line:

Here are the specs for the MNEDC Breakers Rated at 1 - 100 Amps.   These are C-Frame breakers and are much smaller than are the F-Frames:

The 175 and 250 A breakers appear to be 1.5" wide.  IMO, allowing only 2" total width would seem quite insufficient,  particularly if you are thinking about an enclosure that is 2"  outside,  not inside dimensions.

Bottom line;   the MNEDC breakers up to 100 A,  are much smaller than are the 125,  175 and 250 A Rated DC breakers,   FWIW<.

Good Luck,   Vic
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